Natural Myrrh Incense


Myrrh is a very highly prized natural tree resin from a small thorny tree and native to Ethiopia and Somalia. Best if burned in combination with other natural resins (Frankincense etc.). Fragrance notes: earthy, smoky and very subtle. Smoke and fragrance level: medium. Cough factor: low.


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In numerous places in the Old Testament, such as Genesis 37:25 and Exodus 30:23, myrrh is mentioned as a rare perfume with intoxicating qualities. Liquid myrrh is sometimes added to egg tempera in the making of icons. In the Orthodox Church myrrh is traditionally used (with other fragrances) to perform the sacrament of chrismation. Myrrh is one of the three gifts the wisemen presented to our Savior, according to the gospel of Matthew. According to the gospel of Mark, Jesus was offered wine and myrrh before the crucifixion.

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