Summer Blessings

2020 has been a crazy year. All one has to do is turn on the news or check social media to see chaos, uncertainty, division, and fear running rampant. It has become so easy to see the scary, the worrisome, the fragility of humanity. Thus it has become harder to remember that we are constantly […]

Miracles Amongst Mayhem

We would like to wish all of you a blessed Feast of the Annunciation. On this, the eve of Holy Archangel Candles’ feast day (Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel), we received an answer to our prayers that our shipment from Russia would actually arrive. Back in September, Alex placed a large order with our Russian […]

A picture of our blue enamel blessing cross from Abbot Tryphon

Abbot Tryphon very kindly mentioned us today on one of his Facebook posts. A little excerpt that is relevant and a link back to his post! Love in Christ,Abbot TryphonPhoto: This beautiful blessing cross was gifted to the monastery by Alex Miller, owner of Holy Archangel Liturgical Supply of Anchorage, Alaska. I first met Alex […]

We are called to be the Church even when the Church doors are closed.

It is in uncertain and frightening times like this, that we all need something good to believe in. We all need hope for the future and peace for the present. For those of us who put our faith in God, an especially difficult consequence of this pandemic is the closing of our churches to only […]

Holy Archangel Candles in Hawaii

The beautiful islands of Hawaii are a paradise that many Alaskans try to escape to in the winter. If we could, we would love to drop everything and fly to Hawaii every year from January through February. Alas, that is only a dream. But this winter we were able to send a little bit of […]

Moose Everywhere!

This winter has been great for moose watching. They are everywhere. We spotted 15 on the way to church a few weeks ago, after dodging two to get to the vehicle. A week later, a momma and her baby stopped by to sample our beeswax that had just been delivered. They found the wax rather […]

The Joy of Extended Family

One of the great blessings to come from supplying candles and church supplies has been the opportunities for Alex to travel all around Alaska. In so doing, he has created amazing bonds of friendship and extended our family to include so many wonderful people. When Nadia was born, she was welcomed and loved not just […]