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Summer Blessings

2020 has been a crazy year. All one has to do is turn on the news or check social media to see chaos, uncertainty, division, and fear running rampant. It has become so easy to see the scary, the worrisome, the fragility of humanity. Thus it has become harder to remember that we are constantly being blessed by God, through His everyday servants. We have to consciously look beyond the negatives in our paths and chose to seek out and acknowledge the beautiful mercy and gifts that are everywhere. Whether it is in the unexpected rainbow, the smile on a strangers face that is obscured by a mask, the handing out of free lunches at parks so kids have something to look forward to, God is in all the details.

Today we were blessed with a full shop as our only employee, Presbetera Anastasia Howell, brought her children with her to work. Her assistance in the shop one day a week is a huge help for Alex. We prayed for years for the right person to bring into the Holy Archangel Candles family, and her assistance with ordering, organizing, and packaging orders has been such a blessing. Presbetera bringing her children along is a happy bonus for our children who adore them, and look forward to each Tuesday with enthusiasm.

This Tuesday brought the added bonus of Father Matthew Howell stopping by to look over vestment designs. While here, he blessed the entire shop, including all the stock and the children. Lit candles, singing, holy water, and prayer in communion with friends, just another chance to embrace the grace, joy, and hope that God sends to all of us.