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We are called to be the Church even when the Church doors are closed.

It is in uncertain and frightening times like this, that we all need something good to believe in. We all need hope for the future and peace for the present. For those of us who put our faith in God, an especially difficult consequence of this pandemic is the closing of our churches to only the priests. We cannot gather together to worship and lift each other up as a community. We have turned to online service and worshipping at home. But family prayers just don’t feel the same as Divine Liturgy with other believers.

Alex and I wanted to hold on to whatever we can of the church at this time. With no visitors and no employees, we have decided to use the Holy Archangel Candles shop as our chapel. We can’t give our children a priest, communion, or their friends at coffee hour. But we can give them the daily prayers, candles, incense, and our faith. Someday when the world has survived the corona virus and the Churches are able to open their doors, we will all cry tears of joy. But I pray that our children will look back and remember that this was not a time without faith or hope. I want our children to realize that we and all the faithful, are the Church. Our connection to God, the light of Christ, cannot be shut up behind the closed doors of buildings, it resides in each of us, and will flourish even in the darkness.