Natural Smirna Incense


Smirna is an all natural incense derived from tree resin in Greece, commonly uses in Orthodox churches there. Rich liturgical aroma upon burning. It is packaged in large chunks to preserve natural fragrance: break into smaller pieces upon use. Low smoke, high scent, medium cough factor. Available varieties: 1 oz. red stone Smirna (SKU HACI008R, $4.50), 1/2 lb red stone Smirna (SKU HACI009R, $24), 1 lb red stone Smirna (SKU HACI010R, $45), 1 oz Smirna regular (SKU HACI008, $4.50), 1/2 lb Smirna regular (SKU HACI009, $24), and 1 lb Smirna regular (SKU HACI010, $45).


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